Welcome to my blog! This is a place of information and hope for fellow Canadians who are suffering from Lyme disease. I want to share with you the knowledge I have gained during my fight with this debilitating, frightening, and misunderstood illness. I hope you will be blessed.

IGeneX Lab

IgeneX is a private lab in Palo Alto, California that specializes in testing for tick-borne diseases.  Click here to visit their website.

You will pay anywhere from $200 - $500 depending on which tests you order (see below). 

You need to phone the lab, and they will send you a kit free of charge (1-800-832-3200). They send it by regular mail, so it can take up to 2 weeks to receive.

Once received, you need a doctor, naturopath, or chiropractor to sign the requisition.  Perhaps they would accept a nurse practitioner, too.  You could phone and ask. 

Which tests should you order?

The minimum testing you should order is test #188 Lyme Western Blot IgM AND #189 Lyme Western Blot IgG.

Instead of those two basic tests, you may wish to consider #4090 Basic Lyme Panel OR #6050 Complete Lyme Panel.  Both the Basic and Complete Lyme Panels will include the aforementioned Western Blot IgM and IgG, but will have some additional tests added.

If finances permit, you may wish to order a co-infection panel as well, since ticks pass on other infections besides Lyme.  Note that this will greatly increase the cost and is likely not necessary right now unless/until your Lyme doctor wants to have that testing done.

Here's exactly what you will need to do once you receive the kit:

1. Have a doctor or naturopath sign the requisition that comes with the kit and check off the tests he/she wants to order.

2. Decide on a day to have your blood drawn.  It is important to do this early in the week (Mon. - Wed.) so that it does not sit in a depot over the weekend.

3. Call FedEx a day or two before to set up a time to have them pick up the package (called a "clinical pack") at your house.  In my city, you are not permitted to drop off clinical packs at FedEx depots yourself.  I assume that's the same for all places.  Make the pick-up time for later in the day.
Be sure to send it for overnight delivery.  It will cost around $60 - $70 if I recall.

4. Fill out the IgeneX requisition and the FedEx paperwork (included in the clinical pack) ahead of time.  Both forms will require a credit card number.

5. Go to the lab on the day you've decided upon and have your blood drawn.  Remember to bring your IgeneX requisition, instructions, and the FedEx paperwork with you.  It will cost around $25 out-of-pocket.  There will be about a 30 minute wait afterwards while they spin your blood samples.  (I used Gamma-Dynacare lab in my city.)

6. Pack up the vials of blood in the box according to any instructions included.  The lab will probably help you with this.  READ CAREFULLY to see if your blood samples should be at room temperature or refrigerated.

7. Give your clinical pack to the FedEx driver when he/she comes to your house.  If you have any questions about the paperwork, you can ask him/her then, or you could always phone the FedEx office ahead of time to clarify any issues.

The results take about 2 weeks and are sent to the doctor who signed the requisition.  The results are very detailed and difficult to understand unless you have done some research into Lyme testing beforehand. 

To learn how to interpret your Western Blot, click here.