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Saturday, January 23, 2016


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Today is a full moon.  But I probably didn't have to tell you that if you have Lyme.  Are you feeling worse today?  More neuro symptoms?  More fatigued?  More anxious?  I'm answering yes to all of the above.  I suppose that there is some strange relief in knowing that the cause is the full moon, and that I'm joined by countless others who are enduring this.

So yes, my Lyme has returned.  I'm having a bit of a relapse after having been antibiotic-free for 6 months.  Oh, how I was so enjoying the freedom of being pill-free!!!  But in December, my symptoms started to creep back.  To be honest, I had been neglecting the triad of good health:  eating well, sleeping enough, and exercising regularly.  It just got so busy in December preparing for Christmas, celebrating Christmas, cleaning up from Christmas, then writing report cards for the last 3 weeks.  I've been burning the midnight oil and eating too much gluten and sugar, which is just bad news all around. 

I've smartened up now, and am working on all 3 of these areas.  New Year's goals:  1) At least 7 hours of sleep a night  2) Eat grain-free and sugar-free (with the exception of one gluten-free starchy carb serving at dinner)  3) Exercise 3 times a week once I get my sleep stabilized.  Sadly, I'm back on antibiotics and have an appointment with my LLMD in a couple of weeks.

I noticed that I was feeling particularly bad this week and decided to check the calendar.  Yup...a full moon was approaching.  Do you believe in this full moon stuff?  It is not superstition, you know; it is science.  I have only to look at the behaviour of my students during a full moon to attest to the fact that the gravitational pull on the Earth affects us physically and mentally.  And it is certain that this phenomenon affects the reproductive cycle of Borrelia burgdorferi. 

I went in search of an explanation of this online, and found this interesting article which explains why we feel worse during the full moon, and sometimes the new moon.  Apparently, animals are sensitive to electromagnetic energy, and this includes microorganisms.  When the Borrelia sense the electromagnetic changes of these time periods, they are programmed to reproduce.  When they reproduce, there are obviously more organisms floating around your body.  The antibiotics are therefore killing off more bacteria than normal during this time, and you end up with a herxheimer reaction.  In other words, you feel crummy!  (Or let's say, crummier than normal.)

So there you have it.  You're not crazy.  It's a real phenomenon.  Do all you can to support your body and detox.  Drink plenty of water.  Add lemon to your water.  Take a detox bath.  Sleep.

Thinking of you all, and hoping you feel better soon.

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